Panasonic lunched ARBO hub app from Panasonic Mobiles

There is a many apps are startling in market all-in-one app with this one app like AppBrowzer and Smart Kit 360.
Now Panasonic is lunched ARBO hub app from Panasonic Mobiles is an all-in-platform for all your needs. Keep track of your world in a single app in both English and Hindi.

1. Weather
Get realtime weather updates powered by AccuWeather. Traveling by train or flight? No problem, check weather for your destination as well.
2. Cricket Scores
Choose your favourite teams and get real time score updates. Set milestone or ball-by-ball notifications and be on top of the game.
3. News
Get news from NewsPoint across multiple genres, The more you read, the more it learns and recommends more news for you.
4. Games Play
Fun HTML 5 games powered by Gamezop
5. Daily Digests
Get summaries of the top stories of the day at 7:30PM everyday.
6. Horoscopes
Get daily horoscopes and manage your day better
7. Cab Booking
Input your destination and compare prices from Ola and Uber before booking.
8. Bank Snapshots
Keep track of your bank account balance and the last few transactions (Only for supported banks)
9. Credit Card
Snapshots Kee track of our credit card ssendins and set reminded on the due
reminded on the due date to pay (Only for supported banks)
Snapshots Keep track of your credit wallet balances (Only for supported wallets)
11. Upcoming bills
Keep track of your upcoming bills and pay them on the due date (Only for supported vendors)
12. Pending Deliveries
Keep track of your upcoming ecommerce shopping deliveries (Only for supported vendors)
13. Train Status
Keep track of your train bookings and get real time status.
14. Currency
Conversions Traveling abroad? No problem, convert currencies on the go.
15. Phone Stats
Get upto date information about your device and how much time you spend on different apps.



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